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June 14, 2024

About/Pricing is a subscription-fee-based daily online news service from Inside Washington Publishers, a company with over three decades of experience publishing inside news from Washington, DC. is staffed by a dedicated OSHA reporting team, and updated throughout the week with daily news stories and hand-picked documents -- memos, reports, proposed rules, and more -- published in their entirety. is the follow-on product to our biweekly newsletter Inside OSHA, which was published from 1999 through August, 2010. Now, in a clear acknowledgement to changes in news reporting and delivery that have taken place over the past decade, we are happy to be able to offer more news diversity and greatly enhanced news delivery with

Subscription Costs retains the Inside OSHA newsletter price of $735 per year, with this key difference: Every $735 subscription includes the right for up to four users to make full use of the site, providing all are in the same organization.

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We are of course happy to prepare custom quotes for licenses serving more than four people, including very economical licenses for organization-wide access to

Access can be accessed from any modern web browser. The only additional software that may be required is a free copy of Adobe's Acrobat Reader software -- for viewing documents.

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Specific terms and conditions may apply to access. For example, a location generally is defined as a street address. But there may be instances where the size of an office served by a street address (such as a government agency or large corporate office) is deemed too large to be considered a single location. In these instances, other definitions will apply - such as a specific office or department within an organization. Read our terms and conditions.

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